Qpinch is speaking at Middle Eastern Refinery Conference

- 17th October 2018

On 21-23 January, Qpinch will present its radical innovation in energy efficiency and CO2 reduction at the MRTC conference in Bahrein. With the Qpinch Heat Transformer, oil- & chemical companies have a powerful tool to turn waste heat into new process heat and save millions of Euros per plant as well as  large amounts of CO2 emmissions. Please visit us at the MRTC in Bahrein.

Qpinch technology is recognized with the Efficient Solution Label by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

- 6th June 2018

Qpinch technology is recognized with the Efficient Solution Label by the Solar Impulse Foundation. The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, founded under the auspices of the Solar Impulse Foundation, federates start-ups, companies, institutions, NGOs and investors to create synergies, share knowledge and build relationships that ultimately speed-up the implementation of clean and profitable solutions. Currently 52 technologies are identified. The ambition of Bertand Piccard is to identify 1000 solutions.

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Qpinch technology listed on the Limitative Technology List of Vlaio (Flanders, B).

- 7th July 2017

VITO recognized Qpinch as best available technology to produce industrial heat from waste heat and accredited the technology with the highest ecology number of 9, consequently listing the Qpinch technology on the Limitative Technology list of Vlaio. This list contains a selective number of technologies, supported by the Flemish government to help industry achieve their sustainability objectives.

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3rd place at the International IQ-CHEM petrochemical start-up contest (Moscow, Russia)

- 10th June 2017

The contest themes covered various areas within the petrochemicals industry, including “Cutting-edge equipment and technological solutions to increase operational efficiency in chemical-technological processes”. In total, 251 teams from 27 countries took part in the international IQ-CHEM contest.

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2nd place Port of Antwerp Sustainability Award

- 16th November 2016

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Finalist Essenscia Innovation Award 2016

- 2nd October 2016

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Qpinch and the University of Ghent, won the renowned Emerging Technology Award

- 23rd October 2015

This in the category sustainability at the Royal Society of Chemisty, London UK.

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