Carbon Neutral Energy
from Waste Heat

The Qpinch Heat Transformer recovers residual heat from 75 °C / 167 °F and up. It is applicable on a megawatt scale throughout all major industries that use industrial heat, with a main focus on petrochemicals, food and paper and pulp.

We save up to 50% on your energy bill for process heat

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    Capturing waste heat

    Steam, hot liquid, vapors and condensate contain a lot of residual energy that is now released in the atmosphere – either directly or via cooling. Typical temperatures of wasted heat lie between 75 and 150 °C (167 and 302 °F).

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    Transformation Process

    Waste heat is captured and transformed into industrial heat by using a physicochemical process consuming only a marginal electrical energy input.

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    Delivering new energy

    We recover 50% of your residual heat and transform it into new process heat with temperatures of up to 230 °C / 446 °F. Our technology is megawatt scale.

The technology behind the temperature lift

Qpinch technology pumps wasted heat over the pinch point of industrial assets. We realize temperature lifts of up to 100 °C / 180 °F.

Where our technology makes the difference

  • Chemistry and nature hand in hand

    We use a natural chemical reaction to capture waste heat and to transform it into process heat.

  • Universally applicable

    Easy to integrate in existing and future assets across all industries.

  • Cash savings with no OPEX

    Our technology improves energy efficiency and emissions with paybacks between 3 and 5 years.

  • Exceptional temperature lifts

    Depending on the available waste heat, Qpinch realizes an exceptional temperature lift of up to 100 °C / 180 °F.

Our technology is applicable across all industries

We can quickly assess your specific case.
Our team has extensive experience with energy balances, and with identifying opportunities for turning residual industrial heat into energy.